Oh So Hero!

Oh So Hero! is a lewd metroidvania game in development by Full Frontal Frog! Play as the dragonesque hero Joe to fight and fornicate with enemies, build intimate relationships with anthropomorphic characters, and embark on a sex-filled adventure to win the mysterious alien Gerrabacco tournament being held on Joe’s island!

Where to play Oh So Hero?

Download and PLAY the Oh So Hero! Pre Edition II demo on itch.io!

Where to watch Oh So Hero gameplay?

Watch the high quality UNCENSORED trailer on Newgrounds!

How to become part of Oh So Hero‘s creation?


Support Oh So Hero development and GET REWARDS on Patreon!

You may also buy us a Ko-fi~

Where to follow Oh So Hero?

Follow us on Fur Affinity and Twitter!

Twitter @FullFrontalFrog

What about X? Y? Z?

Got questions about Oh So Hero? Check our WIKI for answers!